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Izabella Damm, B.S.

Izabella Damm, B.S.

  • Staff Research Associate

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1978 Medical Institute, Dept.of Medical Analytic, Warsaw, Poland (graduated as Medical Technologist)

1980 Pedagogical University, Dept of Chemistry,Warsaw, Poland (graduated with Bachelor in Science)

  • Cell-based assays including elisa
  • Dna and rna isolation
  • Dna cloning
  • Enzymatic assays
  • Mammalian cell culture
  • Promoter-reporter luciferase assay
  • Protein expression and purification from bacteria
  • Transfection techniques
  • Yeast and mammalian cells

Izabella Damm recently joined our lab as a staff research associate. She hails from Poland where she did her undergraduate work but has been at UCSF for over 24 years in Dr. Walter L Miller's group where she had a lab management role and was providing molecular and cell biology support for research in human steroid biosynthesis. Izabella has been acknowledged as a contributor for 13 research articles in peer reviewed journals published by the Miller lab in USCF from 2005 to 2013 as well as a named co-author on one.  

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  1. Rashmi P, Sigdel TK, Rychkov D, Damm I, Da Silva AA, Vincenti F, Lourenco AL, Craik CS, Reiser J, Sarwal MM. Perturbations in podocyte transcriptome and biological pathways induced by FSGS associated circulating factors. Ann Transl Med. 2023 Jun 30; 11(9):315. View in PubMed
  2. Sigdel TK, Fields PA, Liberto J, Damm I, Kerwin M, Hood J, Towfighi P, Sirota M, Robins HS, Sarwal MM. Perturbations of the T-cell immune repertoire in kidney transplant rejection. Front Immunol. 2022; 13:1012042. View in PubMed
  3. Tara Sigdel, Paul Fields, Juliane Liberto, Izabella Damm, Maggie Kerwin, Jill Hood, Parhom Towfighi, Marina Sirota, Harlan Robins, Minnie Sarwal. 235.4: Analyzing the Impact of T-Cell Receptor Diversity in Acute Kidney Transplant Rejection. Transplantation. 2022 Sep 13; 106(9S):s104-s104. View in PubMed
  4. Tara Sigdel, Maggie Kerwin, Patrick Boada, Izabella Damm, Jun Shoji, Nakul Datta, Megan Llamas, David Elashoff, Jenny Brooks, Joanna Schaenman, Suphamai Bunnapradist, Elaine F Reed, Minnie Sarwal. 240.3: Detection of CMV Mediated Sub-Clinical Rejection by Urine Biomarkers. Transplantation. 2022 Sep 13; 106(9S):s119-s119. View in PubMed
  5. Priyanka Rashmi, Swastika Sur, Tara K Sigdel, Patrick Boada, Andrew W Schroeder, Izabella Damm, Matthias Kretzler, Jeff Hodgin, Chun Jimmie Ye, George Hartoularos, Minnie Sarwal. 347.2: Multiplexed Droplet Single-Cell Sequencing (Mux-Seq) of Normal and Transplant Kidney. Transplantation. 2022 Sep 13; 106(9S):s355-s355. View in PubMed
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