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Priyanka Rashmi Ph.D.

Priyanka Rashmi Ph.D.

  • Assistant Researcher

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[email protected]
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Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York, NY,  Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences Sep 2006 – Jan 2011

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur) Kharagpur, India, Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Aug 1998 – Jun 2002

Priyanka Rashmi is an Assistant Researcher in the Department of Surgery, in the the laboratory of Minnie Sarwal. Dr. Rashmi has a long experience in renal research-studying both glomerular as well as tubular functions. Previously, Dr. Rashmi was a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF Division of Nephrology.

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  1. P.Rashmi, M. Ng and D. Pearce (Poster presentation). GILZ regulates sodium and potassium balance during dietary sodium restriction. American Society of Nephrology Conference. San Diego, CA (2015)
  2. P.Rashmi (Oral presentation). Gilz is a novel regulator of Na-Cl cotransporter. West Coast Salt and Water Conference. Avila Beach, CA (2015)
  3. P. Rashmi (Oral presentation). Gilz regulates sodium and potassium balance in the distal nephron. The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco (2013)
  4. P. Rashmi (Oral presentation). Differential regulation of epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) and sodium-chloride cotransporter (NCC) by Gilz. International Aldosterone Conference, San Francisco (2013)
  5. P. Rashmi, E.L. Rivera, C. Faul, and P. Mundel (Poster presentation). The adaptor protein Nck1 regulates podocyte actin dynamics. American Society of Nephrology Conference, Denver (2010


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