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The Need for Personalized Medicine

Need For Personalized Medicine -2Sensitive and effective biomarkers for different diseases are unmet need. Evolution in high throughput molecular screening methods and developments in bioinformatics tools in recent years have made it possible to conduct comprehensive biomarker discovery efforts in different diseases including organ transplantation. Relentless effort in basic and clinical research have contributed to the identification of potential biomarkers and disease relevant pathways. However, significant work is required before the academic discovery can actually be translated to the patient in the clinic. Integration of de-identified patient demographic data with clinical parameters, our own experimental data and the massive amount of publicly available massive genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data, allows us to accelerate the power of discovery of new mechanisms and monitoring tools for human diseases. The aim of these studies is to identify potentially important diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic markers for disease diagnosis, monitoring and improved therapeutic intervention.