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Integrated Bioinformatics in Organ Transplantation

Integrated Bioinformatics In Organ TransplantationWe are conducting a large-scale genome-wide screening study across injury datasets in organ transplantation, using highly annotated genomic and proteomic datasets in the Sarwal Lab as well as within the public domain. With our expertise in translational bioinformatics to integrate genomic, proteomic, metabolic data from multiple sources, we are developing comprehensive strategy for integrated bioinformatics analysis of archived renal transplant genomic and proteomic datasets available in the Sarwal Lab together with publically available data pertaining to different types of organ transplants (kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and intestine) and different bacterial, viral and fungal infections. These studies will lead to improved understanding of the cross- talk between innate, allo and heterologous immunity in organ transplantation.